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Terra Prime is a conversation deck designed to enhance the way you think about complex problems. The deck can be used for study, for conversation, or in more formal settings for planning, organizing ideas or strategizing.  

terra prime cards

What is Terra Prime?

Terra Prime comes from the Latin word for Earth, Terra. We utilized an accentuated “prime” (the “ “ character) to represent the distinctiveness of planet earth. Just as each of us is original and unique, so too is the blue sphere that we inhabit. Every time we search for deeper meaning in a thing, we are celebrating the distinctiveness of that thing. We believe that the search for deeper meaning is itself what makes us capable of addressing the greatest challenges on our planet.

Each Card is...

Terra Prime Lens

A lens with which you can see the world differently.

Terra Prime break

An opportunity to break new ground on a big question or problem.

terra prime unlock

A chance to see depth in other people in new and inspiring ways.

How does it work?

Each deck contains 30 cards: 28 cards with images, and two instruction cards with text.

On the front is an artistic rendering of these cards, tied together by a consistent and beautifully rendered artistic vision that tells the story of a big idea that has endured over time. 


Card Title


Card Number for reference


Image to inspire you to think about a specific theme


Prompts to help grow the conversation


Theme as a reminder of ideas central to the card

Terra Prime Kawaii card
Kawaii Terra Prime back

A short prompt to get you thinking about the card’s content


Questions to move you along the card’s theme


Keywords to explore for more depth


An exercise to move things along if you feel stuck in the conversation

There are many different ways to use the deck, but the most simple is to choose a topic for a discussion, choose a card, and take turns talking about that topic with guidance from the cards.

Terra Prime is doorway to a system

 In the future, we will offer resources to help you record conversations, to organize materials, or to encourage creative use of the decks.  

Our decks include materials to help you memorialize complex ideas and have enriching conversations. 

Use Terra Prime for individual study, conversation builder or with any group. 

Learn more about how our deck works in this video

From Blueprints to Artists

This first deck is called the “Blueprint Deck”, an affordable and beautiful homage to great art from the past.  

Purchase a deck to support our goal of developing a deluxe deck with original artwork from local artists!

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The Handbook

Click here to download a copy of our handbook, which contains ways for you to unlock the potential of the deck.

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